SUBORNA MUSTAFA shoots in Gazipur for ‘Lukochuri Lukochuri Golpo’

21 Sep, 2019

Suborna Mustafa is a household name of the entertainment industry, and also an active member of the parliament. Her acting prowess has enthralled the masses over the years. She has been acting for some time now in the tele-fiction, Lukochuri Lukochuri Golpo, written and directed by Badrul Anam Saud. 

Currently, the shooting for the tele-fiction is taking place in a resort in Gazipur. Suborna Mustafa plays one of the main characters, Rupa, in Lukochuri Lukochuri Golpo. Apart from her, the cast comprises of Raisul Islam Asad, Intekhab Dinar and Nadia Ahmed, among others.

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