Toma Mirza opens up about ‘From Bangladesh’

29 Oct, 2019

National Film Award-winning actor Toma Mirza is currently working on her upcoming film, From Bangladesh, directed by Shahnewaz Kakoli. The film is set in 1971, at the time of the Liberation War of Bangladesh.

Some sequences of the film were shot at Kaliakoir Zamindar Bari. The shooting will continue at Pubail from November 10 onwards.

In From Bangladesh, Mirza plays the role of Sufia, a woman who lives in a Hindu household with her husband, played by Ashish Khandkar. Ferdousi Majumdar will make a special appearance in the film.

“I play a non-glamourous character in From Bangladesh. It is quite similar to my role in Nodijon,” said Mirza. “I hope to offer something new to the audience.”

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