‘Inktober Showdown Charukola’ concludes today

05 Nov, 2019

The Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka (Charukola), the alma mater of most prominent artists of the nation, is hosting Inktober Showdown Charukola 2019, at their premises. Just as the title suggests, the theme of the three-day exhibition is Inktober, the practice of creating an artwork every day for the month of October. Jake Parker, an American artist and illustrator, pioneered the popular annual celebration of Inktober during October 2009. The exhibition concludes today.

As people enter Charukola during the exhibition, they will come across hundreds of artworks hung across all over the premises. 

The exhibition features works of current and former students of Charukola. While some followed the prompts given in the Inktober website, others opted to follow their own themes to tell their stories throughout the month.  

 Starting from popular series and movies like, Stranger Things and Star Wars, to old Bengali films like Hajar Bochor Dhore and Matir Moyna, various themes are projected through artworks at the exhibition.  

 Artworks of Bangla folklore characters, like Shakhchunni, Damuri or Petni, traditional clothes of different nations, portraits of historical figures, athletes and snippets from day to day lives are currently on display.  


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