Advertisement Monitoring Service

Want to know how Your ads compete against the Competition? Unlock the full potential of your advertising efforts with our comprehensive Ad Monitoring Service. 

We don’t just watch over your ads; we dive deep into the analytics, from the PR value and timing to the placement across Print, Television, and Online platforms. 

And for your online campaigns, we specifically monitor the performance of ads placed on chosen websites, ensuring every dollar you spend is an investment towards greater visibility and impact.

Key Features

Real-time Tracking

We track all kinds of advertisements & campaigns on TV, Radio, Print & Online Media, to disclose the scenario of advertisements aired by every individual advertiser, their competitors as well as the whole industry. With technical expertise and industry knowledge gained from world-class customers. We identify different advertising trends to help you set the right advertising plan. With the server-side software, we assure you the ability to analyze and benchmark a media strategy against competitors to boost campaign effect. It’s our combination of expert human attention coupled with highly-sophisticated advertisement- monitoring tool that allows you to cross-check every spot.

Ad Monitoring Mastery

Track your ads across all mediums – see how your print ads captivate, how your TV commercials engage, and how your online ads perform on specific websites.

PR Value Insight

Understand the real impact of your ads. We measure the PR value, giving you insight into the effectiveness and reach of your advertising efforts.


Get detailed reports on the timing of your ads across platforms. Perfect your campaign by knowing when your ads make the most impact.

Online Ad Scrutiny

For your online advertisements, we don’t just monitor; we scrutinize. See how your ads on specific websites drive traffic, engage viewers, and convert interest into action.

Elevate your advertising strategy with insights that drive decisions for your customers. Let’s make every ad count and set new benchmarks in your advertising journey.

Why choose eMediaDesk?

360-degree monitoring

What if you automatically knew whenever your brand was mentioned on the TV or Radio? Well, you could take PR and Marketing decisions instantly! That’s exactly what we offer with our TV and Radio Monitoring Service.

24/7 support

Always available with a dedicated client manager, backup analysis, and social media assistance


Our services are very easy to access. We provide training to your employees if necessary along with a user-friendly mobile app and portal.

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