Media Monitoring

Navigate the media maze with ease – our comprehensive media monitoring services do the heavy lifting, so you can fly above the competition!

Key Features

Daily Newsletter Service

In today’s world, information is your most powerful armament. Now, what if you could have a complete summary of your industry every day based on updated news? That’s what you get with our Daily Newsletter Service. 

We monitor every media outlet and filter out only what’s necessary for you. With this, you’ll have a customized newsletter with news headings, original web links, scanned newspaper copies, and TV content about your business, industry, and competition! 

The service includes: 

  • A synopsis
  • Hyperlinked with media name
  • Category wise News
  • Graphical Diagrams 

Stay Ahead, Stay Informed: Your Daily Digest of Industry Insights and Competitive Edge!

News Summary & Translation Service

Reading just a newspaper isn’t enough to make decisions as a company. You need all the information available, as fast as possible. That’s why our expert news analysts write customized synopsis for every news relevant to you, from all the media outlets. 

Also, we offer news translation services for both Bangla to English and English to Bangla news. Now, you can understand the news about you in your native language!

Our tailored News Synopses and Dual-Language Translations can help you position your brand as the authority in your sector!

Category Wise Media Monitoring Service

Unlock the power of targeted information with our Category Wise Media Monitoring Service, custom-fit to your interests across any sector. We sift through the noise, delivering concise, essential updates directly to you as per pre-agreed categories/sub-categories in your sector..

Empower your decisions with the insights that matter most to your company. Simplify your strategy with our straightforward, jargon-free reports. 

Let us keep an eye on the media, so you can focus on what you do best.

News Sentiment Analysis

Utilizing AI tools, we analyze the tone and sentiment of news coverage related to your brand. This analysis is then verified by our team to provide you with an accurate understanding of the public perception of your company.

This allows you to easily understand the overall sentiment of the media about your company. You can create marketing campaigns to address any potential issues before they lose you money!

Exclusive Online News Portal & Digital Archive

Dive into a world of customized information with your own secure Online News Portal, designed specifically for precision and personalization.

Access the wealth of tailored news, expert synopses, bilingual translations, and daily newsletters—all curated to your sector’s needs, available anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Dashboard: With a unique login, your portal becomes the gateway to a world of information curated for your eyes only. Navigate through your sector’s latest developments, analyses, and insights with ease.

Custom Reports on Demand: Generate reports from your portal whenever you need them. Whether it’s a quick update or a deep dive into trends and forecasts, your portal equips you with the tools to create comprehensive reports in moments.

Flexible, Paperless, and Personal: Our paperless archive not only offers ease of access but also ensures your content remains online for as long as our partnership endures. Deciding to move on? We personalize your storage solutions, transferring your archive for offline access, ensuring you remain in control, always.

Our Portal has:

  • Responsive view with browser application
  • All clippings in JPEG format; So, excellent quality
  • Home, Filter, Print, Export to Excel, Reports, Log out function in menu
  • Search option in our archive
  • Advanced search filters with date, news category, media, and any text options
  • Print and Download Options
  • Export to Excel Option for quantitative news coverage reports 

Now you don’t have to read a thousand newspapers to understand your position in the market. Just take a look on your personalized portal and the world will be at your fingertips!

Precision PR Value Calculation

Unlock the power of strategic insights with our PR Value Calculation Service, where we meticulously track and assess your brand’s and your competitor’s PR value, tailored to the intricacies of news media tiers.

TV-Press-Online Media Clippings Service

Dive into history or yesterday’s news with ease. Our Media Clippings Service pledges to find any clip you need, no matter its age. 

Choose your preferred format—digital link for immediate sharing or DVD for keeps, and enjoy permanent digital storage for all your clips.

Each clip comes with the promise of permanent digital storage, ensuring your media remains accessible forever.

Campaign Monitoring

Our Campaign Monitoring Service is your go-to solution for keeping a pulse on your media presence during key events. 

This bespoke report dives deep into how your campaign is performing across print, online, broadcast, and social media, giving you a clear view of your visibility and impact.

Social Media Monitoring Service

Dive into the heart of social media with our cutting-edge monitoring tool that keeps an eye on all the buzz across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and more. 

Imagine having a superpower that lets you catch every whisper about your brand online, turning every mention into an opportunity to shine. 

With us, you’re not just tracking conversations; you’re staying ahead of the game, ensuring your brand’s reputation remains sparkling, and finding those key influencers who can make your brand soar. Let us help you maintain that stellar brand image everyone will love!

Real Time Media Tracking App

Ever wished you could have all the news that matters to you, without the noise? Meet our Real-Time Media Tracking Software, your personal filter for the media universe. Just put in your keywords and watch as we serve up the freshest, most relevant news from every corner of the media world – be it news articles, buzzing blogs, or the news channels.

And because we know life doesn’t hit pause, our instant alert system keeps you in the loop. Get real-time notifications that make sure you’re always one step ahead, never missing out on what’s important to you.

Dive into a world where your news comes to you. Simple, smart, and elegant!


eMediaDesk offers a suite of Media Monitoring services designed to empower your brand with actionable insights and strategic advantages.

Elevate Your Brand's Reputation

Swiftly address emerging issues and amplify positive buzz to strengthen your brand’s presence. Our tools ensure you’re always ready to enhance your image.

Smarter Decisions with Smarter Analytics

Our media monitoring services offer qualitative and quantitative analytics that can provide you with real-time data and comprehensive insights. These analytics are quintessential for smarter decision in today’s world.

Active Crisis Management

Spot potential fires before they spread. Our services enable you to act quickly, minimizing impact and maintaining your brand’s integrity.

Quantify Your Success

With our PR value calculation and measurable insights into your media campaigns, you’ll see exactly how your efforts are paying off, allowing for strategic tweaks to maximize outcomes.

Comprehensive Media Coverage

Whether it’s TV, press, online content, or social media buzz, our clipping and monitoring services ensure no mention goes unnoticed.

Stay on Top of Every Campaign

Monitor your campaigns with eagle-eyed precision, ensuring every move resonates with your audience and aligns with your goals.

Partner with eMediaDesk for cutting-edge Media Monitoring services that transform data into actionable intelligence, empowering your brand to navigate the media landscape with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about how our Media Monitoring solutions can benefit your business!

Why choose eMediaDesk?

360-degree monitoring

What if you automatically knew whenever your brand was mentioned on the TV or Radio? Well, you could take PR and Marketing decisions instantly! That’s exactly what we offer with our TV and Radio Monitoring Service.

24/7 support

Always available with a dedicated client manager, backup analysis, and social media assistance


Our services are very easy to access. We provide training to your employees if necessary along with a user-friendly mobile app and portal.

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