Media Contact and Press Release

Get noticed and connect with the media effortlessly. Our services are here to spread your brand’s message far and wide, making sure you get the attention you deserve. 

We write clear, engaging press releases and put them directly in front of journalists and media outlets that matter to you.

Key Features

Press Release Writing

Our team crafts engaging press releases that clearly communicate your brand’s message. We focus on making your announcements stand out, ensuring they capture the attention of your audience and reflect your brand’s goals.

Media Outreach

We have built strong connections with a wide network of journalists and media outlets across various industries. This allows us to get your press releases in front of the right people, increasing the likelihood of your story being told.

Custom Media Lists

To maximize the impact of your press release, we create personalized media lists. These lists are tailored to your specific industry and target audience, ensuring that your news reaches the most relevant and influential contacts.

Multichannel Distribution

Your press releases are distributed across a variety of channels, including online platforms, social media, and industry-specific networks. This broad distribution helps to amplify the reach and visibility of your announcements.

Media Monitoring and Follow-up

After distributing your press release, we keep track of its performance and engage in follow-ups with journalists. This ensures that your story gains traction and provides you with valuable insights into its reception and impact.

We monitor the media, and analyze the content qualitatively and quantitatively. Then, we provide you with streamlined results directly on your dashboard.

Crisis Communication Support

In the event of a crisis or sensitive situation, our team is ready to assist you in managing media inquiries and crafting responses that protect your brand’s reputation.

Analytics and Reporting

We provide detailed analytics and reports on the performance of your press releases. These reports offer insights into reach, engagement, and media pickup, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your media campaigns.


Increased Brand Exposure

Secure media coverage across various outlets, expanding your brand’s reach and visibility within your target audience.

Enhanced Credibility

Establish credibility and authority within your industry by sharing newsworthy and well-crafted press releases that resonate with your audience.

Media Relationship Building

Foster relationships with key journalists and influencers, fostering a network that supports your brand’s future media endeavors.

Timely and Professional Communication

Ensure timely and professional communication of your brand’s updates, milestones, and announcements through well-crafted press releases.

Measurable Impact

Track and analyze the impact of your press releases, enabling data-driven decisions for future campaigns and communication strategies.

Become an Authority

Customers love authoritative voices in the media. If you have the best products in the market in your sector, you also need to have the biggest voice! With excellent press releases and media contact, we make sure that you’re an authority in your market.

Partner with eMediaDesk for unparalleled Media Contact and Press Release services that elevate your brand’s visibility and communication effectiveness. Contact us today to explore how our Media Contact and Press Release solutions can benefit your brand’s media outreach goals!

Why choose eMediaDesk?

360-degree monitoring

What if you automatically knew whenever your brand was mentioned on the TV or Radio? Well, you could take PR and Marketing decisions instantly! That’s exactly what we offer with our TV and Radio Monitoring Service.

24/7 support

Always available with a dedicated client manager, backup analysis, and social media assistance


Our services are very easy to access. We provide training to your employees if necessary along with a user-friendly mobile app and portal.

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